Merged Shots from Monday Night’s Lightning Hunt

I was curious how much lightning I caught Monday night during the lightning hunt. My laptop almost choked trying to align and merge the 42 shot picture. The bottom shot is flipping amazing how much lightning I caught and this … Continued

A very successful lightning hunt this evening

This evening while eating my supper and messing around on the Internet, my son sent me a text saying there was some lightning around Kinder. Kinder is about 20 miles west of the house. A couple of minutes later, I … Continued

Photography Workshop and A Storm Hunt

Yesterday, I had my first photography workshop. The one person who showed up and I had a great time. Three people signed up for it – one had to work last minute and the other person didn’t show up. The … Continued

Storm chase

Yesterday was a good chase day. I chased (and got chased by) storms on and off all day. It started when after I dropped my wife at work. I noticed a rainbow in the clouds. I stopped and got some … Continued

Storm chase on 11 Aug 2014

Yesterday, my wife and I had the opportunity to go storm chasing or we actually got chased by a storm. Here are some shots from the chase. I got this shot as we were about head out and set up. … Continued