Day 294/1025

365 Project, Art, Deep Space, La Skies, Local, Long exposure, Night photography, Star Trail, Stars
Day 294 of my 365 Project

Day 294 of my 365 Project

Star trail of the Orion constellation during the peak of the Orionid Meteor Shower this morning. 130 x 30 second shots merged together in Photoshop. The fuzziness is my lens getting condensation on it. No meteors were captured. :(

Not posting this weekend

365 Project, Art, Personal

Good morning/afternoon/evening (where ever you are in the world),

I’m not going to be posting any pictures this weekend. I won’t post any of my pictures of the day until Monday evening/Tuesday morning. I will be taking pictures and process them as if I’m going to post them but I’m not getting online to post them.

See everybody next week!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Day 289/1020

365 Project, Art, Black and White, Local
Day 289 of my 365 Project

Day 289 of my 365 Project

The reason for the black and white pictures the past few days is because I was challenged on Facebook to post black and white pictures for five days. I’m also in a group on Facebook and participants are to do daily art challenges. I incorporate all three challenges (picture of the day, black and white challenge, and daily art challenge) into one final creation. Today’s challenge is man’s best friend. This is my interpretation of it – Soulmate.