2013 Storm Season

20 thoughts on “2013 Storm Season

      1. I’m sure you will. There are sure to be plenty opportunities, considering where we are. :)


    1. Yes she can. I love shooting storms. It’s my favorite thing to shoot. I’m so looking forward to storm chasing season this year.


    1. Thanks!! I appreciate it. I believe storms are some of the most beautiful creations to shoot. You never know what you can catch within a storm. The results of a storm can be quite ugly but watching the lightning, rain, storm clouds rolling in is a very cool experience.


  1. How Great thou art…then sings my soul…my savior God to Thee…and i looked and I saw and I knew there was a God. Whatever we perceive Him to be. Simply awesome work. Thank you for sharing. Love katie


      1. I agree! I haven’t seen a rainbow in so long! Have you ever seen yellow green clouds before a tornado. Isn’t that the scariest lookin’ thing? I love how the clouds pick up debree and then turn funky colors!


        1. Yes I have. I have one in my storm photos from last year. I saw a dust devil/tornado form with the clouds a greenish color. Pretty cool


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