Merged Shots from Monday Night’s Lightning Hunt

I was curious how much lightning I caught Monday night during the lightning hunt. My laptop almost choked trying to align and merge the 42 shot picture. The bottom shot is flipping amazing how much lightning I caught and this … Continued

A very successful lightning hunt this evening

This evening while eating my supper and messing around on the Internet, my son sent me a text saying there was some lightning around Kinder. Kinder is about 20 miles west of the house. A couple of minutes later, I … Continued

Photography Workshop and A Storm Hunt

Yesterday, I had my first photography workshop. The one person who showed up and I had a great time. Three people signed up for it – one had to work last minute and the other person didn’t show up. The … Continued

Late Night Lightning Hunt

Last night, I was getting ready for bed when I heard some rumbling of thunder in the distance. I checked my radar app when I saw the picture to the left. I decided to load everybody in the car and … Continued

Storm chase

Yesterday was a good chase day. I chased (and got chased by) storms on and off all day. It started when after I dropped my wife at work. I noticed a rainbow in the clouds. I stopped and got some … Continued

Now in print and Internet at the house again

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night (depending on where you are), I am now officially in print. I got my proof earlier this week and it looks good. I asked a couple of people where my wife works to check … Continued

Updates and Upcoming Milestone

I wanted to give everybody an update on what’s going on and let y’all know about an upcoming milestone in my photography journey. I’m still trying to get my photography business off the ground. I can only do so much … Continued

Lightning shot for sale

Here is my first picture for sale. Click on the button below and it will send you to Shopify to order the print. If you want something other than the sizes listed, send me an email and I will work … Continued

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