Day 180/911 and a contest win

Day 180 of my 365 Project

Day 180 of my 365 Project

This morning when I got up and looked outside and noticed this line of mushrooms in the grass. Unless something epic came up today, this was going to be my picture of the day. I got a couple of shots of it from different angles to see which one I wanted to use. I added three textures in Photoshop to get the above effect.

Something cool happened to me yesterday late I want to share. On Facebook, the National Weather Service in Shreveport, Louisiana had a contest to submit weather pictures and they would use one of them as their cover photo. Well, I won. Here is the shot that won.

Storm front

Storm front

Here is the link to the Facebook page where my picture is

8 thoughts on “Day 180/911 and a contest win

  1. I love how the mushrooms are all lined up, as if begging to have their photo taken. This photo is so nifty! And congrats on winning the photo contest! :)


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