Fire Spinning

Fire spinning

Fire spinning

I love to fire spin. You might be asking what the heck is he doing? or something like that. Well, it’s easy to do. I’m using steel wool stuffed in a whisk, set on fire with a 9-volt battery and started spinning. I had my camera set on a tripod and my settings were f/6.7 at ISO200 with a 30 sec exposure. This is so much fun.

24 thoughts on “Fire Spinning

  1. I love the fire spinning. And I think the triangles in the swingset are pretty interesting, too. It’s like there’s a picture within a picture.


    • Well, it would be a different capture. One of my family members took several shots with his iPhone and it came out really cool. I’m going to do a shoot like he did next time. The sparks were so cool


    • These are really fun to do. I’m going to experiment next time I do one. I did have a “fail” when I started spinning with my first shot. I got it lit, started spinning and it flipped out of my wire whisk. I did catch it on camera and it was pretty cool. I’m going to use the shot as a texture


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