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Theater Work: Costumes



An update from our theater adventure…

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As you may have read in one of my previous posts, our local theater is working on “The Diary of Anne Frank” and I’m one of the Costume Brigade. Today was our first day of school and when we were done, I started work on the alterations for one skirt Starshine will use. I finished that and had some strange idea that I had plenty of time to go ahead and work on a new skirt for her, the slip she’s going to need, and maybe one other skirt in a sort of jumper style like this. I’m still going to make that last skirt, no matter if she uses it for the play or not. She’s been asking for one for quite some time.

I moved on to the first skirt and just did a simple one seam/casing/elastic/hemming method. No pattern is required for this sort of skirt…

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Musings and Busyness



A thought provoking and very good post this evening…(comments have been disabled)

Originally posted on Unchained Emporium:

As the time for the opening night of the play we’re working on draws nearer, we are getting busier and busier. And with school starting tomorrow (I can’t believe how this weekend flew by!), it’s going to be more difficult for me to find some quiet time and a place where I can just be present…just BE. Today I worked almost exclusively on lesson planning with a bit of blogging and research on the side.

But one of the awesome things about today was that I was able to hang out with a person who meant a lot to me in my past. We lost touch after high school and only briefly reconnected when I moved back to this area. But through this play, we’ve really been able to reconnect and enjoy good conversation and friendship. Today’s task for the theater was to make the awful badges the Jews were…

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Day 243/974

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Day 243 of my 365 Project

Day 243 of my 365 Project

I was hoping for some storms to chase today but alas no storms close enough to chase. I checked the radar and there was a storm cell to my east so I went outside to check it out. The clouds were pretty nice and I got a few shots of it. When I was heading back in, I noticed a faint sundog. I grabbed a shot of it and it’s my picture of the day. Here is a Wikipedia article about sundogs.

The next three weeks are going to be very busy with the final preparations of the play and the run of the play I’m in. Yes, I will have my picture of the day but I’m not sure when it will be posted. I’m going to attempt to have it done before we have to be at the theater in the afternoons.

Coffee and Tunes



Some tunes this Sunday morning/afternoon…

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Getting back into the school year has proven quite the challenge this go ’round. But I’m getting there. Slowly but surely, I will get it all together. And I’m really excited about the things we’ll be studying this year so that helps quite a lot. This morning, I’m drinking my coffee and listening to some awesome tunes while I put the week’s work together in my lesson planner. My husband is working on a showpiece bracelet and our girls are decorating their work folders. All in all, the morning is moving along well.

Please enjoy these tunes! :)

And a longer dubstep mix…

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Art, Fire


An excellent post from carrieblueberry. Check out her art if you haven’t before.

Originally posted on carrieblueberry:


I watched a TED Talk a few months ago by a music artist named Amanda Palmer. She blew my mind with her story about asking. Basically, her band left their label after being unhappy with the way shiz went down and she crowdfunded their music with astonishing results. She’s not alone in this method. The art world is changing. Traditional methods of selling aren’t fitting everyone anymore. As a visual artist, the idea of putting together a gallery show stresses me out to the max. Not that I won’t ever do one, but why can’t I just sell online to people who connect with my work?

I’ve been frustrated lately. If you read this blog much, you’ll have detected that. The reentry of art into my life has brought much more than paint and canvas with it. It’s brought a passion and an insight into life as a whole…

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Inspiration From Everywhere!



A really nice blog post and music selections this evening…Thanks for the mention. :D

Originally posted on Unchained Emporium:

I’m inspired by so many things I have seen, heard, and experienced in my life. The mask series is an interesting sort of journey. Over the summer, I’ve found myself held hostage by fear, doubt, and low self-esteem. I’ve been in heights of joy, confidence, and success. I’ve seriously run the gamut of emotions this summer. I’m coming to the end of my mask supply. I’m not sure whether I’m interested in making more after the next one is done. I am going to take my time with this one. I want to try some new techniques and see what I can come up with. I have an idea in mind for the last two brocade masks and I want it to be just right. I also want it to be something true, something real, and hopefully, something epic. I’ll share some pages and videos of the things that are…

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Day 242/973

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Day 242 of my 365 Project

Day 242 of my 365 Project

This morning, my wife woke me up to check out the sky. This is what I saw. I set the white balance on my camera to Clouds and this is what I got. Yes, it was this orange at sunrise. I was amazed. The rest of the day it was raining. I’m glad my wife woke me up to get some pictures.